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We offer a wide range of workshops for your event or incentive, for companies as well for private organisations. The minimum amount of participants lies between 12 and 16 participant, depending on the activity of your choice.

Offered workshops

Making cocktails

cocktailDo you fancy an introduction in the secrets of cocktail shaking and mixing? You will have fun, without a doubt, in making your own favourite cocktail.

Duration: 1.5 or 2 hours

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The Solex is a bike with a little extra engine to drive the front wheel. These nostalgic French mopeds from granny’s time are back from the old days!

Duration: 3 hours.
On the route we provide some frivolous team activities.

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Djembe: everybody writes his own music

djembeIn this workshop we use djembes, completed with boomwhackers. These are tuned percussion tubes and every tube has its own tone.

Duration:  1.5 uur or 2 hours.

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schilderenThis workshop improves your team and their teambuilding with creativity. We make sure we follow an adjusted approach to make sure the painting offers an plus in your company.

Duration:  2 hours, we make one or more paintings.

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Making sweet indulges


Our chocolatier shows you how to make truffles and marzipan pralines and how to colour and form a figurine. After the demonstration, you can try it youself!

Duration: short workshop 1 hour, extensive workshop 3 hours

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Scooter ride

ScootertochtThis ride takes about three hours where you have the opportunity to experience a unique ride on trendy scooters. We make sure you will see all the beautiful places the area has to offer. Can be done with or without tasks along the way.

Duration:  3 hours.

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Frisbee Golf

frisbeegolfWe offer an introduction to Frisbee Golf. This is a variation of the regular golf, where you have to try to throw the Frisbee in a net over long distances. It is a challenge!

Duration:  3 hours.

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Segway tour


A segway tour is always fun. You can vary in the possibilities and these are endless. We suggest a nice quite walk or an challenging rally. What do you think of an active Segway polo game?

Duration: To be agreed.

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Whisky degustation

whiskyDiscover the wondering and fascinating wold of international Whisky’s with our expert Eric Merny.

Duration: To be agreed.

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